About Quiz Me!

Build it. Learn it. Conquer it.

About Quiz Me:

Create your own cutsom decks of flash cards. Add different cards to each deck. Practice, practice, practice. Then, see how much you learned by taking a test!

Our mission is to help new programmers - and master programmers- practice their knowledge of the ever-evoloving languages, concepts, and algorithms of the tech world. These can be a struggle when there's so much to learn. Add more decks and cards that help you personally. We hope this helps clear up all the buzz!

Beth and Aylin come from non-tech backgrounds. They boldy made the switch to tech --insert Star Trek theme music-- and began learning to code. Enrolled in a full-stack bootcamp together, they were challenged to think of these concepts in new ways, making analogies and stories to tie it all together. This inspired them to help their peers and future students learn these concepts, practice problem-solving, and help prepare for white-board interviews.

This is their first Full Stack project.

Built with: Node.js, Express, Handlebars, PostgresSQL, JavaScript, Nginx, Amazon Web Services Elastic Compute Cloud

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Beth D'Amato

Contributions: Node.js, PostgresSQL, Database Management, Querying User Preferences, AWS Deployment/Management

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Aylin DeBruyne

Contributions: Node.js, Express Routing, Handlebars Templating, Querying User Preferences, UI/UX

Any cat photos you see are dedicated to our mentor, instructor and friend - Chris Aquino.